Redgrave Exclusive Release

Oooo Chalice and I do love a bit of Redgrave, especially as the skins photograph so beautifully. 2007/08 was a superb year for Emilia Redgrave, with every model in the metaverse buying atleast one skin from her store.
Hana one of my first ever Redgrave skins back in March 2008, boosted my modelling career, so I have her to thank for that. However, over time, due to their popularity, many modelling agencies specified No Redgrave!

Jula Carnell in Hana April 2007

LE.LOOK! now have the only Redgrave satelite store in SL, in which there are exclusive items, skins in particular of some of our old favourites , Hana and Venus. So for old times sake, I had to purchase atleast one of these items.

The skin is slightly different, but definitely with the original Hana undertones. The makeup, I chose was the metalic collection, as I wanted something that looked slightly more edgy.
Certainly not disappointed with the purchase.

Jula Carnell in Hana April 2009 ( Exclusive only available at LE.LOOK! )

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Anonymous said...

lol @ no Redgrave .. Did Minnu now pay all the model agencies? How silly is that? Im a model too and i wont change my look only because some weirdos have problems with a successful and good designer!