Go Miss Australia Go

The SL fashion world is on tenderhooks as we wait in anticipation for the finals of Miss SL Universe, now known as Miss Virtual World. I know lots of people in this years competition and I wish you all the luck in the world. However, this year Im slighty biased, as my best friend Chalice Carling is partaking and is representing Australia. An aussie through and through, this has been an amazing experience for her and I alike. I talk like I am in the damn pageant, but Ive witnessed the ups and downs, thrills of excitment, pangs of anticipation and worry from my good friend, so I too feel I am a little part of this.
Chalice has spent the past couple of weeks waiting like an excited school girl for her dresses to arrive, National dress by Eshi Otawara and Formal gown by LeeZu Baxter, both truly unique designers in their own right and most definitely a couple of the most renowned fashion labels in SL.

The pageant will definitely be a WOW factor, as this year its housed in Frolic Mills newly designed theatre, promising lighting extravaganzas and choreographed live performances.

Like all the contestants everyone deserves to win this title. Chalice's dedication throughout this year has been unbeleiveable. Setting her alarm for 2am, 3am, 4am in order to partake in practises and press coverage. Being over the otherside of the world isnt always helpful, but I hope with all my heart that she is a winner, cos I will shout from the rooftops like I always do, THATS MY FRIEND THAT IS!!

Chalice my darling, you are a winner in my eyes and you have made me so proud.
So go, be a diva,atleast for a day and flaunt that 'cock in a frock on a rock' head held high as you approach the top of Kings Canyon. I will be waiting to greet you with smiles and hugs and that much needed Mojito.

TIME: 10:30 AM SLT

SL goes BOHO

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of spending an hour with Sevenstar Amat, creator and the face behind Stitch by Stitch and CEO of Berlin Models.

For anyone who hasnt had the pleasure of meeting Seven, she is one of the most relaxed, easy going, down to earth people you will ever meet in SL. Having befriended her a few months back, she recently asked me to be part of her Berlin Model Pool, not only showcasing her creations but other designers within the lifelike sim of Berlin, Germany.

One of her new themes for 08/09 is Boho. Yet unreleased to the general public, I was given the opportunity to model in one of the up and coming designs. A stylish bohemium "Twiggyesque" outfit. Once again, another fantastic creation from the 'sleepless' designer, who has more treats in her oversized bag than Mary Poppins. I have been assured that this collection will be released shortly so stay tuned for updates and trendy new designs from this european wonder woman.

Style Card
S by S Vivienne Hotpants
S by S Vivienne Shirt
S by S Vivienne Scarf
Hair by JE Republic
Earrings by DiA'S matrix,big deluxe
Chasseur Boots: Red Suede by Indyra Originals
Main Store Stitch by Stitch

Berlin Store Stitch by Stitch

We're Scamming, We're Scamming, I hope you like scamming too !

Recently there has been a lot of discussion in the SL model group about The Vangee Agency, in particular the CEO, Gia Pudles. People are beginning to smell a rat about the legitimacy of this particular organisation. Individuals are parting company with thousands of lindens, not to see a return or to be contacted again. I have spoken to various people, including designers inworld and individuals would rather remain nameless due to unconclusive evidence etc but I thought I would share my Miss Marple findings. Vangee Model Agency, the agency that has 7 members, whose base is at Vice City University, though it is evident from recent trips there that no runway or training school exists.

So I dug deeper and approached Gia. It struck me as odd that considering she is a CEO of a modelling training academy, there is no photograph, nothing in her profile and no mention of the agency in her picks or classified, but more importantly, this woman had no evident modelling experience. As my conversation developed with her, I told her I wanted to be a supermodel ( like I did ) but hey I needed to get her on side. I was offered a supermodel training course for 4000L and promised jobs in magazines and runway where I would potentially earn 5000L for photoshoots. She stressed that she worked with very well known designers, all of which I have approached and funnily enough all deny even knowing her or the agency. She was very pushy throughout the conversation, not once wanting to meet with me or show me the school, but generally avoided any kind of face to face meet whatsoever. Her vocabulary disturbed me with the overuse of ' you ready to join', 'you ready to join now classes are filling up fast'. I asked her if she could recommend someone I could speak to who has been in one of her classes to ensure I was getting value for money. Funnily enough, after asking this question 'Second Life: User not online - message will be stored and delivered later' Ive not heard from her since. The converation was a lengthy one and left with no doubt in my mind that this was not a genuine agency.

So to all you hopeful models out there, make sure you do your research before embarking on a venture with an unknown training academy. In my opinion, we wont see the last of Gia. I assume she will reappear in a couple of months in the model groups posing as another. So to conclude some tips for all you lovely ladies and gents before relingquishing any of your hard earned lindens:-
* Meet with the person face to face
* Research the agency
* Visit the agency, runway, location
* Ask for references or advocates
* IM in the group model pools to ask for recommendations

Brown paper packages tied up with string ....


Oh my oh my, so I thought I was being a smug bug when I IMed Chalice the other day telling her of my new found fashion finds. Of course the Carling was on the ball and had already been made aware of the wonderful creations of Niven. In a matter of minutes Scarlett Niven has gone to the top of my fav designers hitlist.

I stumbled across this little gem whilst googling SL's Autumn/Winter Collection a couple of weeks ago.It was about time that SL had some new up and coming designers, ones that made you go WOW.

I IMed Scarlett telling her how fantastic her collection was. Some may call this ass licking, but to me there is nothing better than someone telling you how wonderful something is. Is gives people a boost of confidence. I was surprised to find out that this was her first collection. For anyone who hasnt seen it, its amazing and truly fashiontabulous. It's unique, controversal, but most of all DIFFERENT.

Scarlett Niven is definitely on the 'one to watch list'. Her store is way up in the land of the gods and took me a while to find, perched neatly in the corner of her stark white design studio. It wont be long, I can guarantee before 'The Niven Collection' becomes the talk of SL. Cant wait for the spring/summer collection. Three cheers for Scarlett, bring it on !!

So where are we ?

Well I know its been a while since Ive given you all an update on all the wonderful things Ive been up to. So just a little paragraph based on successes and achievements.

Captured Photography Book 2009 - Hurrah! I made it through to the next round and then got the nod from Impa that I was in the final 20, so Im looking forward to the next few weeks shooting for the book.

JCNY October Model Fest - Yay, made it to the final, for me an acheivement in itself. Didnt win, didnt expect too, just proud to say I was in it.

Face of Photolife 2009 - After what seemed liked numerous elimanation rounds, I made it into the Top 7 for the final showdown. Was a great competition and so well organised. Kate Stockholm was the winner of this great event. For me was a great chance for exposure and now have added contacts within the industty.

Looking forward to what the future might bring.