So where are we ?

Well I know its been a while since Ive given you all an update on all the wonderful things Ive been up to. So just a little paragraph based on successes and achievements.

Captured Photography Book 2009 - Hurrah! I made it through to the next round and then got the nod from Impa that I was in the final 20, so Im looking forward to the next few weeks shooting for the book.

JCNY October Model Fest - Yay, made it to the final, for me an acheivement in itself. Didnt win, didnt expect too, just proud to say I was in it.

Face of Photolife 2009 - After what seemed liked numerous elimanation rounds, I made it into the Top 7 for the final showdown. Was a great competition and so well organised. Kate Stockholm was the winner of this great event. For me was a great chance for exposure and now have added contacts within the industty.

Looking forward to what the future might bring.


Dakk McDunnough said...

Yea! you have been busy Jula!

Chalice Carling said...

Be proud my darling. Somedays your head was spinning with all the things you had to do but in the end you got through and triumped. Very proud of you I am.

They'll be lots more where that came from u hunk of spunk.

Vixie said...

WOOOTIE WOOT! You should stand tall and proud, you've really had some wonderful recognition. All richly deserved! I'm incredibly proud of my lickably licious Jula. ;)