SL goes BOHO

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of spending an hour with Sevenstar Amat, creator and the face behind Stitch by Stitch and CEO of Berlin Models.

For anyone who hasnt had the pleasure of meeting Seven, she is one of the most relaxed, easy going, down to earth people you will ever meet in SL. Having befriended her a few months back, she recently asked me to be part of her Berlin Model Pool, not only showcasing her creations but other designers within the lifelike sim of Berlin, Germany.

One of her new themes for 08/09 is Boho. Yet unreleased to the general public, I was given the opportunity to model in one of the up and coming designs. A stylish bohemium "Twiggyesque" outfit. Once again, another fantastic creation from the 'sleepless' designer, who has more treats in her oversized bag than Mary Poppins. I have been assured that this collection will be released shortly so stay tuned for updates and trendy new designs from this european wonder woman.

Style Card
S by S Vivienne Hotpants
S by S Vivienne Shirt
S by S Vivienne Scarf
Hair by JE Republic
Earrings by DiA'S matrix,big deluxe
Chasseur Boots: Red Suede by Indyra Originals
Main Store Stitch by Stitch

Berlin Store Stitch by Stitch

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