From Riches To Rags

Dont take the title of this blog literally, but I do seem to spend a hell of a lot of money on clothes and I do admit that most of the time I buy rather expensive clothes. So there I was reading some blogs that I follow and noticed that many items people wear seem relatively inexpensive. So I thought Id give myself a little challenge with $250L. What exactly can I buy for this kind of money ? How many outfits can I achieve ? Are skins available ? Shoes ? More importantly would I still look stylish from Riches to Rags ?
So off I went , looking in my LM's at places that I had not visited since I was a newbie. Many of the big stores now however offer free or virtually free items, so I was in for a real treat.

There are 100's upon 100's of these type of stores and to be honest, I really didnt want to trawl secondlife looking for most of them. Anyway , my laptop is playing up at the moment and wherever I TP to I crash constantly. So I used many of my LMs for stores I was aware of that would assist in this little adventure.


Hair - Savoir ( Bish ) Free
Skin - *LAZOLLI*Julia 1L
Earrings - (VW) Holiday Ornament 1L
Skirt / Belt and Top - ::eLDee:: Culpa grey - 95L
Jacket - /rockerswear/ female hoodie - zebra 25L
Sunglasses - Scarlett Niven Collection - Free
Necklace - (VW) Tortoise Shell Bugeyes Necklace - 1L as part
Boots - Rebel Hope Design - 50L
Total Spend = 172 Lindens


Hair - Savoir ( House of Heart ) Free
Skin - *LAZOLLI*Julia 1L
Belt and top - Used as part of the eLDee:: Culpa grey - 95L
Jacket - /rockerswear/ female hoodie - zebra 25L
Pants - /rockerswear/ short pants - 25L
Boots - Rebel Hope Design - 50L

Total Spend = 196 Lindens


Hair - Savoir ( Ingenue ) Free
Skin - *LAZOLLI*Julia 1L
Pants ( 4 set ) Little Rebel Fairway Belted Pants - 25L
Jacket - Little Rebel Ivory Tintable Peacoat - 25L
Boots - Rebel Hope Design - 50L
Total Spend = 101 Lindens
Complete spend 247 Lindens

When words are not enough ......

As so many of us hear on a daily, weekly, yearly basis when you are with someone you love , sometimes words are not enough. No amount of I love you, or I'm sorry, or I wont do it again will ever take away the pain that someone has hurt you.

Many of you are aware, I am in a solid SL relationship. I have been lucky enough to share my SL experiences with my Mr K for the past 22 months. I dont think either of us ever thought that we would be so reliant on one another and that SL without each other would be a very dark and cold place.

Valentines Day in RL, I treat with scepticism. It's commercial paradise :- shop owners increase their prices for the sake of telling someone I love you. It seems that SL is no exception. Apparently accordingly to my husband, flowers, chocolates and all things that spell L O V E increased in value with valentines approaching.

Kasen and I didnt really discuss valentines day this year. We muttered something one day about not buying presents for each other and that sufficed. On sunday, Kasen left me a msg in world and on skype.

" What does a guy get a girl that has everything in sl for Valentines Day? I have been trying to decide for a month now! Sure I will send you some flowers, I can't think of any thing else, well maybe you should read Fashionista. Love Mr. K"
Sometimes, words are not enough, but in this case , words were all that mattered.

A Special World

A special world for you and me

A special bond one cannot see

It wraps us up in its cocoon

And holds us fiercely in its womb.

Its fingers spread like fine spun gold

Gently nestling us to the fold

Like silken thread it holds us fast

Bonds like this are meant to last.

And though at times a thread may break

A new one forms in its wake

To bind us closer and keep us strong

In a special world, where we belong.

- Sheelagh Lennon - A Special World

Swimming in Style

(Baiastice) Tiger

Beachwear !! One of my major quandary's when shopping in SL. Now you would have thought trying to find a nice bikini or swimming costume wouldn't be a problem, but think again. I have searched high and low for beachwear, places even the most cunning detectives have been, but I always leave a new store majorly disappointed.
However there is only ONE store to my knowledge in SL that never disappoints when it comes to beachwear and that has to be good old Baiastice ( Baia ) . Sissy Pessoa, the italian style guru extraordaire always gives you that bit extra value for your lindens.

(Baiastice) Miami

One thing I absolutely adore about Sissy's creations, especially her swimwear are the accessories that are included as part of your purchase. You will always hear me shout accessorise, accessorise. With any purchase, you will be guaranteed a oversized hat , bag and necklace as well as your swimsuit.

(Baiastice)anelli black/white

So for me , the only choice for beachware is Baiastice. Most of the designs are one piece, but Ive noticed recently Sissy branching out creating more two piece items. So next time you're asked to create a beach look for a casting call or competition, I would suggest heading to Baia to give you a complete look without having to think about piecing any inventory items together. Its quick, simple and straight out of a beautiful gift box.
How much will it set you back ? Between 300 - 400 Lindens , VALUE