From Riches To Rags

Dont take the title of this blog literally, but I do seem to spend a hell of a lot of money on clothes and I do admit that most of the time I buy rather expensive clothes. So there I was reading some blogs that I follow and noticed that many items people wear seem relatively inexpensive. So I thought Id give myself a little challenge with $250L. What exactly can I buy for this kind of money ? How many outfits can I achieve ? Are skins available ? Shoes ? More importantly would I still look stylish from Riches to Rags ?
So off I went , looking in my LM's at places that I had not visited since I was a newbie. Many of the big stores now however offer free or virtually free items, so I was in for a real treat.

There are 100's upon 100's of these type of stores and to be honest, I really didnt want to trawl secondlife looking for most of them. Anyway , my laptop is playing up at the moment and wherever I TP to I crash constantly. So I used many of my LMs for stores I was aware of that would assist in this little adventure.


Hair - Savoir ( Bish ) Free
Skin - *LAZOLLI*Julia 1L
Earrings - (VW) Holiday Ornament 1L
Skirt / Belt and Top - ::eLDee:: Culpa grey - 95L
Jacket - /rockerswear/ female hoodie - zebra 25L
Sunglasses - Scarlett Niven Collection - Free
Necklace - (VW) Tortoise Shell Bugeyes Necklace - 1L as part
Boots - Rebel Hope Design - 50L
Total Spend = 172 Lindens


Hair - Savoir ( House of Heart ) Free
Skin - *LAZOLLI*Julia 1L
Belt and top - Used as part of the eLDee:: Culpa grey - 95L
Jacket - /rockerswear/ female hoodie - zebra 25L
Pants - /rockerswear/ short pants - 25L
Boots - Rebel Hope Design - 50L

Total Spend = 196 Lindens


Hair - Savoir ( Ingenue ) Free
Skin - *LAZOLLI*Julia 1L
Pants ( 4 set ) Little Rebel Fairway Belted Pants - 25L
Jacket - Little Rebel Ivory Tintable Peacoat - 25L
Boots - Rebel Hope Design - 50L
Total Spend = 101 Lindens
Complete spend 247 Lindens


Chalice Carling said...

Excellent Excellent Carnell. I didn't think you had it in you to shop frugally but u did it. I am going to tell Mr K to withdraw you spending limit given you can look so hot for so less.

Good story pops.

Kasen Kazan said...

Chalice I was just thinking the same thing!!

Chalice Carling said...

HAHAHA great minds Mr K. Just give her $247L's a week now :-)))

Heheheh Carnell. You did it with this article. The SL economy is stuffed now.

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