A&S Camshot - 'Female Product?' Think About It

When I accepted to take part in the the A&S Camshot Project with Allen Ewing, I was a little sceptical to say the least. The brief was a 2 hour nude shot with up with 40 girls. Id been approached before to do nude modelling, but always declined.

Id taken a trip to A&S studio to inspect some of Allen's work - some nudes but most definitely artistic. The shoot took place on an empty sim full of identically laid out pose balls. The artistic creativity was ingenious, with various poses and designs scattered around the sim.

The finished artwork is absolutely stunning and well worth a look just for the sheer creativity aspect. The exhibition is now available in world to for all to see and witness the pure artistic genious of this man.


Recently having subscribed to The Looking Glass, there are numerous articles that have inspired me to comment. Nepherses Amat, a first class writer and SL enthusiast talks mainly about SL relationships, sex, dating and all things sugar and spice in which her column is called. She has some interesting view points about life in general and questions about when SL becomes reality.

I often wonder how these relationships are formed! Many of my friends hop in and out of relationships all of the time. One in particular has been married twice in SL, where others, like myself have been in a steady partnership for 14 months. What makes me different? Im not really sure. Honesty and respect are key and of course trust. Voice I think has had a massive impact when Lindens introduced chat in world. Without that Im not sure if Kasen and I would have lasted the test of time, but maybe he would disagree. It has taken us to a completely different level. Text type can be miscontrued and of course waiting impatiently for the other person to answer can take its toll.

Ive always said that SL is an extension of RL, you treat people how you wish to be treated. Nothing in this world is perfect, including SL relationships, but if you find the right one, your SL soulmate who you bond with, then keep hold of them as tight as you can. There is always a willing mate just round the corner ready to pinch your goods and make them their own.

From my own experiences, I know SL is a much nicer place when you have someone to share it with. My advice, take it as it comes, dont be too pushy and most of all form a friendship before plunging into that longterm relationship.


Ive noticed a real trend as of late with my SL counterparts that everyone is blogging about their fashion & modelling experiences. SL is a funny old place where serious players are extremely commited to the cause. Modelling is one of those areas. Within the first few months of SL, I knew I wanted to become a model, seeing beautiful people with 'model' tags made me envious and I wanted to be part of this elite crew.

My time will come I used to say to myself, after being rejected from various modelling agencies. Looking back now, Im really not suprised based on how I looked, even though I thought I was absolutely beautiful. Id invested in good skins but my shape was too petite. Modelling isnt really about skinny people. Its about having good proportions in order to show off the clothing.

I got my break back in August last year when I was accepted for DCM, which unfortunately are no longer in operation. I have my partner Kasen to thank for this as he knew the owner and kinda snuck me in the back door. However Ariya gave me the break I needed and become a fully fledged 'delicious model' and wore that damn tag with pride.

I was happy strutting my stuff on the runway, but I wanted more. I wanted the success of winning competitions, mixing with people in the industry from models, photographers and designers I craved that fame and fortune.

I joined Arai Model Agency in April 2008, a highly ambitious bunch of people. Everyone was entering competitions, winning and raking in the $$$. Maybe it was the drive I needed. I consulted with my friend Chalice Carling, a successful model in her own right and said I was going to enter the DAB competition for Mr and Mrs DAB 2008.

Now in RL Im a very pesimistic person. I didnt think I stood a chance in hell of winning this competition. You see all your competition and automatically, Im extremely negative. However, the worm had turned and I won it. It gave me the confidence I needed. I won a contract with DAB and then proceeded to apply for DAE of Elegance Model Agency and got accepted.

I was being asked by random people to represent them as store models, photos in magazines .... this was the life I wanted.
Now for many The JCNY model fest is the BIG ONE ( will discuss that in another blog ) but for me from week two, I wanted to be a model for Indyra Originals. I remember I had the pleasure of meeting Indyra in her store about 5 months ago and nearly plucked up the courage to ask her if I could model for her. Im glad I didnt the humiliation would have been unbearable.

One of my friends mentioned about a month ago that Indy was advertising for instore models and it would be a competition. OMG this could be my chance, I could do this. Over 200 people applied for this position. I submitted my application and was asked to go for a callback, approximately 45 people worldwide for catwalk and fashion composition. I was scared but I wanted it bad and I approached 3 of my good friends, Chalice Carling, Cocobean Bonneti and Aimee Wozinak to give me their advice on my outfit.

After a week long arduous wait, the news hit and I got accepted as part of the Indy Troupe. I was over the moon.

So for me this is onwards and upwards. With lots of hard work and determination, my dreams have started to become reality. Only good things can follow, so for the time being, watch this space :D x