A&S Camshot - 'Female Product?' Think About It

When I accepted to take part in the the A&S Camshot Project with Allen Ewing, I was a little sceptical to say the least. The brief was a 2 hour nude shot with up with 40 girls. Id been approached before to do nude modelling, but always declined.

Id taken a trip to A&S studio to inspect some of Allen's work - some nudes but most definitely artistic. The shoot took place on an empty sim full of identically laid out pose balls. The artistic creativity was ingenious, with various poses and designs scattered around the sim.

The finished artwork is absolutely stunning and well worth a look just for the sheer creativity aspect. The exhibition is now available in world to for all to see and witness the pure artistic genious of this man.

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Chalice Carling said...

Ooooo Jula. Which one are u? So glad you enjoyed the experience and I can see why from the end result. I've never seen anything like that in SL and I feel that lately, RL concepts and images are starting to filter in which is wonderful. And why not, we have the most wonderful canvass that is SL :-)