Recently having subscribed to The Looking Glass, there are numerous articles that have inspired me to comment. Nepherses Amat, a first class writer and SL enthusiast talks mainly about SL relationships, sex, dating and all things sugar and spice in which her column is called. She has some interesting view points about life in general and questions about when SL becomes reality.

I often wonder how these relationships are formed! Many of my friends hop in and out of relationships all of the time. One in particular has been married twice in SL, where others, like myself have been in a steady partnership for 14 months. What makes me different? Im not really sure. Honesty and respect are key and of course trust. Voice I think has had a massive impact when Lindens introduced chat in world. Without that Im not sure if Kasen and I would have lasted the test of time, but maybe he would disagree. It has taken us to a completely different level. Text type can be miscontrued and of course waiting impatiently for the other person to answer can take its toll.

Ive always said that SL is an extension of RL, you treat people how you wish to be treated. Nothing in this world is perfect, including SL relationships, but if you find the right one, your SL soulmate who you bond with, then keep hold of them as tight as you can. There is always a willing mate just round the corner ready to pinch your goods and make them their own.

From my own experiences, I know SL is a much nicer place when you have someone to share it with. My advice, take it as it comes, dont be too pushy and most of all form a friendship before plunging into that longterm relationship.


Chalice Carling said...

Beautifully written Jula. As we have discussed before, SL relationships are fascinating to me and I can see how much more fulfilling SL can be if one has a soul mate to share it with. Then there's the flip side when things so wrong and you see people's enjoyment of SL take a steep nose dive. I don't like to ask about how they work and what really goes on so reading the article you mentioned might help me understand things better. Thanks for writing about something which is often a 'no-go' area for those on the periphery.

Anonymous said...

Gee. Jula~ thanks for the mention! I love how our SL and RL lives are so connected. Gotta comment you on your authenticity!
Be Well~ Nepherses Amat

Eve Express said...

I think SL relationships and heart breaks can be almost as thrilling and heart breaking as real life ones. They have often ended well, with RL meets but have also broken up mattiages. So, I think they must be treated with the respect and caution you would treat a real life one.