My Bag Rock and Rolls especially the Brassiere

SCD came up with the ultimate .... Whats in your bag ?. Its obviously been a while since I had a clear out of the rather large bag I carry around with me on a daily basis. One article in particular Im not sure how it arrived in my bag but I was obviously wondering around bra-less on one particular day.

So tell me whats in your bag ? It was fun to do and some of the things people have are hilarious. Tenshi's purse for example

1) Coach Bag
2) Black Bra
3) Umbrella
4) Packet of Tissue
5) Empty packet of Cigs
6) Used Tissue
7) Baby Lotion
8) Vodaphone Blackberry User Guide ( unread )
9) M&S glove
11)Coach Purse
13)Other M&S Glove
14)Mac lipgloss
16)Tony's business card
17)Mamma Mia DVD
18)Christmas Card from Best Friend
19)Chance by Chanel
20)Empty Packets of Chewing Gum
22)UK Sterling

Vain Inc VRCA 2008

Ooooo what a surprise and an absolute delight to be notified by a stream of IMs before the Christmas break that I had made it into the Vain Inc Readers Choice Awards 2008, best model category. Along with many of SL's top fashionistas and personal friends, all I can say is what an honour. Many thanks for anyone and everyone that voted for me, not that I know who you are, but my thoughts are with you.

Winners will be announced in the January issue of Vain Inc. There is no formal ceremony, just your name plastered up on blogs, mags etc etc.

So three cheers for readers choice. See attached for a full list of nominees

LE.LOOK of the Day .............

OK so I'm a little late in announcing the launch of LE.LOOK Fashion District, but better late than never I say. To say that's its truly A M A Z I N G is an understatement. So many malls in SL lack design creativity and initiative, but LE.LOOK is an architectural dream in its own right. Its a fashionista's haven with an armful of designers to keep any shopper happy for hours. Malls really aren't my thing. I have my preferred designers, some of these big brand names, but LE.LOOK really is different and something incredibily special.

The build took 4 months to complete. Im sure the team consisting of James Schwarz,Jordan Giant,Sawyer Campese and Moonaco Porta arent disappointed with the final outcome. I spent hours wandering around the gleaming glass fronted spacious stores and spent a fortune in doing so. Every item placed strategically with the buyer in mind. I felt like I was a cast member of The Truman Show, a fashion district thats spotless, clean and crisp with a multitude of choice.

So if youre looking for something with a touch of class, LE.LOOK is defintely going to be one of those places to be seen spending those Linden Dollars. It's a thumbs up from me !!!!

Designers include:-
Atomic Crush
Bax Coen
Beauty Avatar Couture
Calypso Giano
Digit Darkes
DP*Serendipity/ Candy Nail
Find Ash
Glitter Hair
House of Heart
Indyra Originals
KoumB/ Digital Dream
MAD Designs
mai bodyshop
Meriken Co.
Milk Motion
Nicky Ree
Riviera Couture
Skin e Liciouz
UncleWeb Studio
Yabusaka Loon

Meet the Designer - Alba2 Rossini , Alba Fashions

Welcome to a new edition of my blogspot called Meet The Designer. A weekly spotlight with some of SL's innovative and creative designers. I have had the pleasure this week of interviewing Alba2 Rossini, the CEO and brains behind Alba Fashions.

Alba has a strong creative flair for any fashion lover in SL. She has 3 stores, located at Watersedge Los Vegas, Italia Vera and Sallow.

Alba is not new to the fashion scene in SL and models are often seen strutting their stuff on the catwalk in her designs. Diversity Model Management are proud to be showcasing her designs on Saturday 20th December 1pm SLT. It was through Diversity that I had the opportunity to interview this talented designer. Her creations have flair, versatility and and wont cost you the earth. The collection is diverse from stunningly beautiful wedding gowns, chic casual daywear to elaborate sparkling evening wear.

Considering english is not Alba's first language, she was a pleasure to interview. Meet the designer presents Alba2Rossini .....

How and when did you start making clothes?
It's been more than one year since I started to create clothes for women, that's happened in october 2007 when I created my first model "black fairy".

What is your design philosophy ?

As a real life artist, a painter, I love to create clothes as if they were pieces of ART, painting and sewing all over the body. That is a start, but I follow real life fashion events because the big stylists give me so many ideas that I combine with my fantasy. Moreover considering that we are in second life, the world where the imagination comes true, everything it's possible to create, and I enjoy doing it.

What kind of person do you invisage wearing your designs?
A woman who is sensitive,intriguing, charming and feminine. This is the girl who loves my creations, she is the one that is sure of herself and that catches the eye of everybody.

How would you describe your collection ?

Just as I feel myself, my collection is a reflection of my way of being, always different from yesterday, I always feel new and with the desire to make things very different among themselves.

There are hundreds of clothes designers in SL, what do you think it takes to become an established well known designer?
Passion is very important, then precision, attention to detail, understanding your market, information and promotion.

When do you think Alba Fashion became a key player in the fashion world of SL and why ?

The people who discovered me, loved my designs and prices were reasonable. It was purely through word of mouth .... and here I am now one year on.
Participating in fashion shows is another good thing. People want to be informed and these events are a good way to showcase your designs.

What would be your advice for anyone trying to design clothes in SL ?
Use your imagination, be creative, be yourself. Second life brings a lot of opportunity to be someone, the most important thing is to find a place where you can create .

What has been your greatest challenge so far ?

Creating 'DIANA', one of my wedding gowns. A friend of mine was getting married and she wanted a dress similar to the one Lady Diana was wearing when she married Prince Charles. Copying the 'DIANA' look was a big challenge.

Style Card

Photograph 1)Black with abstract rose silk belt
Photograph 2)Angel
Photograph 3)Aglaia
Photograph 4)Diana Wedding Gown

Look out for my next installment of 'Meet The Designer' with interviews from Indrya Seigo, from Indyra Originals and Scarlett Niven from The Niven Collection.

My special thanks to Alba for taking time out to speak to me. Hugs and have a fantastic show x x x

Blinded By The Light

Blinded by the light
Originally uploaded by Jula Carnell

I am the happiest girl in the world right now. Its been a long time coming and Kasen will be singing from the rooftops that my new Alienware M17 laptop has arrived. He will no longer hear me moaning that "I cant see" and "nothing is rezzing".

This is amazing. Comparing the quality of my Walking in a Winter Wonderland entry to this photo - well Im speechless. I can see trees, water, REFLECTIONS, grass, birds ... all the things that everyone else has enjoyed. Now I can see them too.

So as promised , to all the people that I have said I will take pictures of , the list in priority order goes like this .....

Kasen my handsome husband, our christmas card creation will soon be underway.
Chalice my bestest friend in SL, your belated portrait pictures.
Bunny, one of my oldest model friends, your JCNY snaps will be ready for submission
Aeva, Russ and Brit - Can you hear me screaming ?
Hunter my flickr buddy, for sending me to such a gorgeous place.

Welcome to the world of SecondLife Miss Carnell, prepare to be amazed !!

Go Miss Australia Go

The SL fashion world is on tenderhooks as we wait in anticipation for the finals of Miss SL Universe, now known as Miss Virtual World. I know lots of people in this years competition and I wish you all the luck in the world. However, this year Im slighty biased, as my best friend Chalice Carling is partaking and is representing Australia. An aussie through and through, this has been an amazing experience for her and I alike. I talk like I am in the damn pageant, but Ive witnessed the ups and downs, thrills of excitment, pangs of anticipation and worry from my good friend, so I too feel I am a little part of this.
Chalice has spent the past couple of weeks waiting like an excited school girl for her dresses to arrive, National dress by Eshi Otawara and Formal gown by LeeZu Baxter, both truly unique designers in their own right and most definitely a couple of the most renowned fashion labels in SL.

The pageant will definitely be a WOW factor, as this year its housed in Frolic Mills newly designed theatre, promising lighting extravaganzas and choreographed live performances.

Like all the contestants everyone deserves to win this title. Chalice's dedication throughout this year has been unbeleiveable. Setting her alarm for 2am, 3am, 4am in order to partake in practises and press coverage. Being over the otherside of the world isnt always helpful, but I hope with all my heart that she is a winner, cos I will shout from the rooftops like I always do, THATS MY FRIEND THAT IS!!

Chalice my darling, you are a winner in my eyes and you have made me so proud.
So go, be a diva,atleast for a day and flaunt that 'cock in a frock on a rock' head held high as you approach the top of Kings Canyon. I will be waiting to greet you with smiles and hugs and that much needed Mojito.

TIME: 10:30 AM SLT

SL goes BOHO

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of spending an hour with Sevenstar Amat, creator and the face behind Stitch by Stitch and CEO of Berlin Models.

For anyone who hasnt had the pleasure of meeting Seven, she is one of the most relaxed, easy going, down to earth people you will ever meet in SL. Having befriended her a few months back, she recently asked me to be part of her Berlin Model Pool, not only showcasing her creations but other designers within the lifelike sim of Berlin, Germany.

One of her new themes for 08/09 is Boho. Yet unreleased to the general public, I was given the opportunity to model in one of the up and coming designs. A stylish bohemium "Twiggyesque" outfit. Once again, another fantastic creation from the 'sleepless' designer, who has more treats in her oversized bag than Mary Poppins. I have been assured that this collection will be released shortly so stay tuned for updates and trendy new designs from this european wonder woman.

Style Card
S by S Vivienne Hotpants
S by S Vivienne Shirt
S by S Vivienne Scarf
Hair by JE Republic
Earrings by DiA'S matrix,big deluxe
Chasseur Boots: Red Suede by Indyra Originals
Main Store Stitch by Stitch

Berlin Store Stitch by Stitch

We're Scamming, We're Scamming, I hope you like scamming too !

Recently there has been a lot of discussion in the SL model group about The Vangee Agency, in particular the CEO, Gia Pudles. People are beginning to smell a rat about the legitimacy of this particular organisation. Individuals are parting company with thousands of lindens, not to see a return or to be contacted again. I have spoken to various people, including designers inworld and individuals would rather remain nameless due to unconclusive evidence etc but I thought I would share my Miss Marple findings. Vangee Model Agency, the agency that has 7 members, whose base is at Vice City University, though it is evident from recent trips there that no runway or training school exists.

So I dug deeper and approached Gia. It struck me as odd that considering she is a CEO of a modelling training academy, there is no photograph, nothing in her profile and no mention of the agency in her picks or classified, but more importantly, this woman had no evident modelling experience. As my conversation developed with her, I told her I wanted to be a supermodel ( like I did ) but hey I needed to get her on side. I was offered a supermodel training course for 4000L and promised jobs in magazines and runway where I would potentially earn 5000L for photoshoots. She stressed that she worked with very well known designers, all of which I have approached and funnily enough all deny even knowing her or the agency. She was very pushy throughout the conversation, not once wanting to meet with me or show me the school, but generally avoided any kind of face to face meet whatsoever. Her vocabulary disturbed me with the overuse of ' you ready to join', 'you ready to join now classes are filling up fast'. I asked her if she could recommend someone I could speak to who has been in one of her classes to ensure I was getting value for money. Funnily enough, after asking this question 'Second Life: User not online - message will be stored and delivered later' Ive not heard from her since. The converation was a lengthy one and left with no doubt in my mind that this was not a genuine agency.

So to all you hopeful models out there, make sure you do your research before embarking on a venture with an unknown training academy. In my opinion, we wont see the last of Gia. I assume she will reappear in a couple of months in the model groups posing as another. So to conclude some tips for all you lovely ladies and gents before relingquishing any of your hard earned lindens:-
* Meet with the person face to face
* Research the agency
* Visit the agency, runway, location
* Ask for references or advocates
* IM in the group model pools to ask for recommendations

Brown paper packages tied up with string ....


Oh my oh my, so I thought I was being a smug bug when I IMed Chalice the other day telling her of my new found fashion finds. Of course the Carling was on the ball and had already been made aware of the wonderful creations of Niven. In a matter of minutes Scarlett Niven has gone to the top of my fav designers hitlist.

I stumbled across this little gem whilst googling SL's Autumn/Winter Collection a couple of weeks ago.It was about time that SL had some new up and coming designers, ones that made you go WOW.

I IMed Scarlett telling her how fantastic her collection was. Some may call this ass licking, but to me there is nothing better than someone telling you how wonderful something is. Is gives people a boost of confidence. I was surprised to find out that this was her first collection. For anyone who hasnt seen it, its amazing and truly fashiontabulous. It's unique, controversal, but most of all DIFFERENT.

Scarlett Niven is definitely on the 'one to watch list'. Her store is way up in the land of the gods and took me a while to find, perched neatly in the corner of her stark white design studio. It wont be long, I can guarantee before 'The Niven Collection' becomes the talk of SL. Cant wait for the spring/summer collection. Three cheers for Scarlett, bring it on !!

So where are we ?

Well I know its been a while since Ive given you all an update on all the wonderful things Ive been up to. So just a little paragraph based on successes and achievements.

Captured Photography Book 2009 - Hurrah! I made it through to the next round and then got the nod from Impa that I was in the final 20, so Im looking forward to the next few weeks shooting for the book.

JCNY October Model Fest - Yay, made it to the final, for me an acheivement in itself. Didnt win, didnt expect too, just proud to say I was in it.

Face of Photolife 2009 - After what seemed liked numerous elimanation rounds, I made it into the Top 7 for the final showdown. Was a great competition and so well organised. Kate Stockholm was the winner of this great event. For me was a great chance for exposure and now have added contacts within the industty.

Looking forward to what the future might bring.

Face of Photolife Top Ten Assignment Part One

Face of Photolife Video Launch

An extremely long notecard arrived in my inbox yesterday regarding the next phase of the Face of Photolife Assignment.
As mentioned previously in my The angels are on my side blog, we were given 2000L in order to help create a look that speaks clearly to those who will be judging us on our creativity and our confidence to present who we are. The look needed to be casual / pants. Photographs needed to be taken in this outfit and submitted ready for judging on Sunday. Based on these photographs, someone will be crowned 'Miss Creativity' and potentially move forward into the next round. I racked my brains today in the car how I was going to promote myself. The only condition was that this needed to be taken on the photolife studio. So my creative foot forward, this is my submission for Miss Creativity ..........
In addition the title of Miss Photogenic will to be given. We were asked to provide a new faceshot and will be judged also. Here is my submission ......... Just hoping its enough.

Hung, Drawn and CAPTURED

The Captured Photography Book should be on the tip of the tongue of any wanna be model, designer or photographer. So who wouldn't want to be in the 2009 edition? Applications started approximately 2 weeks ago and a staggering 400+ people applied. I successfully made it into Heat One, which included approval of my photographs and general application information.

120 people were selected to go through to the next round, which consisted of 'The Interview'. Actually, no one had a clue what was going to happen at this stage. It was all very hush hush. Models who had been selected were pinging left right and centre, asking questions like, ' Are you preparing quick changes?', 'What are you wearing' , 'Are you wearing your huddle?' I think we all got each other in a bit of state really, cos there is always someone who has prepared more than you and visa versa.
I was fairly calm leading up to the event, until Laya IMed me saying, 'You re up next Jula, await the TP'. The feeling of dread came over me and I started shaking ........... shaking because its much easier doing an interview with people you don't know rather than people you do. I arrived to a sea of ghost like figures smoking like crazy ( not with a cig, but you know what I mean )

It was like cross fire at dawn on arrival, questions being fired left right and centre, coming in at all angles. I don't think the panel meant it to be a terrifying experience but it frightened the living daylights out of me. To top it off, some random TPed in on my head mid interview which was most off putting, as all I could see was a pair of feet over my eyes and the rest just some misty body trying to rez up. I don't know how I did but I'm glad I prepared that's all I can say. Vixie, bless her during the interview said, 'excellent answer Jula' . I was chuffed with that only because she gave me the strength I needed, even if it was really a crap answer.

So once again its a waiting game. A few people IMed me after comparing notes etc, but I do secretly hope I get through to the next round ..... I mean really HAVE YOU SEEN THIS BOOK ?

Outfit for my interview - casual but chic

Skin by Blowpop, Caramel Tuesday

Hair by Truth, Ivy

Pants by LBD

Top by Bianca F

Jewellery by India

The angels are on my side

Well what can I say, its been an amazing but very busy couple of weeks for me ..........

JCNY Model Fest didn't come to fruition and my name wasn't picked out for the wk 3 successful applicants. However after looking back on my email transaction of inventory received, it never actually made it into the hands of JD Hansen. Therefore Ive resubmitted and hopefully it wont get lost in the realms of the SL metaverse. So once again its in the hands of the gods.
On a positive note however, let me tell you about the Face of Photolife Pageant that's running at the Opium Sim. As an owner of a photolife studio, I am always popping over to HQ to check out any new gadgets, textures and props that may enhance my photography. Mooching around the sim one afternoon, I noticed they were promoting ' The Face of Photolife' (FOPL). I strongly believe in only entering competitions whose 'brands' I would be happy to represent. PL is one of these, as one would say ' Its da bomb.' So I decided to apply. Ask any of my close friends, I thought I didn't stand a cat in chance hell of getting through to the pre-selection final that consisted of 20 strong beautiful women, so I couldn't believe my luck when my name was called. Lots of exciting coverage including video production by FallFilms contestant diary, Blogs and promo. The event is large scale and the prizes are wonderful.

The short list for the top 10 was pre-selected at the weekend. This was based on an interview that was conducted by some of the Opium Team midweek. These Q&A sessions always make me nervy and OMG what do you wear to such an event??? Anyway to my delight, I have made it through to the top 10 and will be taking part in a runway pageant with more Q&A's on Sunday 26th October 7pm SLT. I have received 2000L for making it through to this stage, this money given to potentially assist us in purchasing a new outfit and accessories for the event.

I still don't have a clue what I'm going to wear, but I'm grateful and privileged that Ive made it through this far. Even if I don't make the final 3 or 5 I think it is, then at least this is another personal accomplishment and another string I can add to my bow.

Its been a long time coming

My friends will wonder why am I blogging about this , considering I have tried to be as fairly low key as possible about this particular competition. Im talking about the one and only JCNY Model Fest. For the past 4 months I have been mentally preparing myself to enter possibly one of the biggest competitions in secondlife, but Im too scared ! Why? Im afraid of rejection.

Its not easy being a model in SL, contrary to popular belief. The competitiveness of the industry is immense and virtually everyone I know have attempted to become a model fest winner. My very good friends Chalice Carling, Vixie Rayner and Ella Quinsette are all past winners and they have all encouraged me to enter.

I have spent many an hour poodling around Farrah Island looking at all the beautiful portraits on the wall of the JCNY theatre, admiring all the models on the stage in their fabulous couture.
Now stepping back a moment, I mentioned that I was scared. The winning hasnt even entered by head. Im not even thinking about that. I am more concerned that I wont even get selected. For me I just want to be a model fest finalist. Of course winning would be fantastic. The prizes are fabulous and the exposure as a model winner is immense. So I am now taking the bull by the horns, taking copius amounts of photographs hoping they are right ones. October Model Fest here I come, I hope youre ready for me !!!

'CACHET is too cool for school'

Now Im not really sure why I havent come across Cachet before, considering I have of late spend many a spare minute walking through the Glamworld Sim, trying to get my bearings as there seems to have been a mass store overall. Its like going to the supermarket to find a tin of tomatoes, you know what aisle they are in, you head for them and 'Pooof' they have moved to another aisle.

There I was looking at Minnu hair, when a little voice rose in my ear. My good friend Chalice Carling was muttering something about a beautiful bag and did she need it and I was not to teleport to her as she was sure I would spend my hard earned lindens on more clothes that I would wear once and chuck in the back of the closet.

Now Chalice is a fashion icon in my eyes. She loves to accessorise so her cooing in my headset about a beautiful bag , I was going to have to pay this shop a visit. On arrival I swooned around the accessories section, ooooing and arrrhing at the divine new fall collection. Bag was not purchased on this occasion but that bag is playing on my mind, so Im going to have to go back and buy atleast one.

I headed upstairs to the clothing section. I could have spent a fortune, but I do have some restraint and am able to manage my SL lindens to a certain degree. That damn mouse of mine hoovered on so many outfits. Little devil voices in my head were saying, 'Buy Me, Buy Me' , but the little angel voices in my head were saying, ' Do you need it , like really ?'

I TPed out of there after purchasing 3 items of clothing and a gorgeous pair of earrings. However, the memory of the experience is a pleasing one and I shall definitely return. I dont think I even bought any of the new fall collection, but what I did purchase I was thoroughly pleased with. If you have been hiding in the dark like my good self, I suggest a visit. I think you will be pleasantly surprised and enlightened. Nice work Thora and Minnu. Edited on 2nd October, thank you Thora, you know why x

Model and Photographer Jula Carnell
Cachet - THEO Dress - Pastel Tirque
Cachet(VG) - Deborah Earrings (Tirque)
Hair by Armdi
Shoes by Indyra Originals
Skin by Redgrave

Model and Photographer Jula Carnell
Cachet - Dress Marlene
Cachet - Deborah Earrings (Tirque)
Hair by Armdi
Shoes by Indyra Originals
Skin by Redgrave

Model and Photographer Jula Carnell Cachet - Dress Marlene
Cachet - Deborah Earrings (Tirque)
Hair by Mirai
Shoes by Indyra Originals
Skin by Blowpop

A&S Camshot - 'Female Product?' Think About It

When I accepted to take part in the the A&S Camshot Project with Allen Ewing, I was a little sceptical to say the least. The brief was a 2 hour nude shot with up with 40 girls. Id been approached before to do nude modelling, but always declined.

Id taken a trip to A&S studio to inspect some of Allen's work - some nudes but most definitely artistic. The shoot took place on an empty sim full of identically laid out pose balls. The artistic creativity was ingenious, with various poses and designs scattered around the sim.

The finished artwork is absolutely stunning and well worth a look just for the sheer creativity aspect. The exhibition is now available in world to for all to see and witness the pure artistic genious of this man.


Recently having subscribed to The Looking Glass, there are numerous articles that have inspired me to comment. Nepherses Amat, a first class writer and SL enthusiast talks mainly about SL relationships, sex, dating and all things sugar and spice in which her column is called. She has some interesting view points about life in general and questions about when SL becomes reality.

I often wonder how these relationships are formed! Many of my friends hop in and out of relationships all of the time. One in particular has been married twice in SL, where others, like myself have been in a steady partnership for 14 months. What makes me different? Im not really sure. Honesty and respect are key and of course trust. Voice I think has had a massive impact when Lindens introduced chat in world. Without that Im not sure if Kasen and I would have lasted the test of time, but maybe he would disagree. It has taken us to a completely different level. Text type can be miscontrued and of course waiting impatiently for the other person to answer can take its toll.

Ive always said that SL is an extension of RL, you treat people how you wish to be treated. Nothing in this world is perfect, including SL relationships, but if you find the right one, your SL soulmate who you bond with, then keep hold of them as tight as you can. There is always a willing mate just round the corner ready to pinch your goods and make them their own.

From my own experiences, I know SL is a much nicer place when you have someone to share it with. My advice, take it as it comes, dont be too pushy and most of all form a friendship before plunging into that longterm relationship.


Ive noticed a real trend as of late with my SL counterparts that everyone is blogging about their fashion & modelling experiences. SL is a funny old place where serious players are extremely commited to the cause. Modelling is one of those areas. Within the first few months of SL, I knew I wanted to become a model, seeing beautiful people with 'model' tags made me envious and I wanted to be part of this elite crew.

My time will come I used to say to myself, after being rejected from various modelling agencies. Looking back now, Im really not suprised based on how I looked, even though I thought I was absolutely beautiful. Id invested in good skins but my shape was too petite. Modelling isnt really about skinny people. Its about having good proportions in order to show off the clothing.

I got my break back in August last year when I was accepted for DCM, which unfortunately are no longer in operation. I have my partner Kasen to thank for this as he knew the owner and kinda snuck me in the back door. However Ariya gave me the break I needed and become a fully fledged 'delicious model' and wore that damn tag with pride.

I was happy strutting my stuff on the runway, but I wanted more. I wanted the success of winning competitions, mixing with people in the industry from models, photographers and designers I craved that fame and fortune.

I joined Arai Model Agency in April 2008, a highly ambitious bunch of people. Everyone was entering competitions, winning and raking in the $$$. Maybe it was the drive I needed. I consulted with my friend Chalice Carling, a successful model in her own right and said I was going to enter the DAB competition for Mr and Mrs DAB 2008.

Now in RL Im a very pesimistic person. I didnt think I stood a chance in hell of winning this competition. You see all your competition and automatically, Im extremely negative. However, the worm had turned and I won it. It gave me the confidence I needed. I won a contract with DAB and then proceeded to apply for DAE of Elegance Model Agency and got accepted.

I was being asked by random people to represent them as store models, photos in magazines .... this was the life I wanted.
Now for many The JCNY model fest is the BIG ONE ( will discuss that in another blog ) but for me from week two, I wanted to be a model for Indyra Originals. I remember I had the pleasure of meeting Indyra in her store about 5 months ago and nearly plucked up the courage to ask her if I could model for her. Im glad I didnt the humiliation would have been unbearable.

One of my friends mentioned about a month ago that Indy was advertising for instore models and it would be a competition. OMG this could be my chance, I could do this. Over 200 people applied for this position. I submitted my application and was asked to go for a callback, approximately 45 people worldwide for catwalk and fashion composition. I was scared but I wanted it bad and I approached 3 of my good friends, Chalice Carling, Cocobean Bonneti and Aimee Wozinak to give me their advice on my outfit.

After a week long arduous wait, the news hit and I got accepted as part of the Indy Troupe. I was over the moon.

So for me this is onwards and upwards. With lots of hard work and determination, my dreams have started to become reality. Only good things can follow, so for the time being, watch this space :D x