The angels are on my side

Well what can I say, its been an amazing but very busy couple of weeks for me ..........

JCNY Model Fest didn't come to fruition and my name wasn't picked out for the wk 3 successful applicants. However after looking back on my email transaction of inventory received, it never actually made it into the hands of JD Hansen. Therefore Ive resubmitted and hopefully it wont get lost in the realms of the SL metaverse. So once again its in the hands of the gods.
On a positive note however, let me tell you about the Face of Photolife Pageant that's running at the Opium Sim. As an owner of a photolife studio, I am always popping over to HQ to check out any new gadgets, textures and props that may enhance my photography. Mooching around the sim one afternoon, I noticed they were promoting ' The Face of Photolife' (FOPL). I strongly believe in only entering competitions whose 'brands' I would be happy to represent. PL is one of these, as one would say ' Its da bomb.' So I decided to apply. Ask any of my close friends, I thought I didn't stand a cat in chance hell of getting through to the pre-selection final that consisted of 20 strong beautiful women, so I couldn't believe my luck when my name was called. Lots of exciting coverage including video production by FallFilms contestant diary, Blogs and promo. The event is large scale and the prizes are wonderful.

The short list for the top 10 was pre-selected at the weekend. This was based on an interview that was conducted by some of the Opium Team midweek. These Q&A sessions always make me nervy and OMG what do you wear to such an event??? Anyway to my delight, I have made it through to the top 10 and will be taking part in a runway pageant with more Q&A's on Sunday 26th October 7pm SLT. I have received 2000L for making it through to this stage, this money given to potentially assist us in purchasing a new outfit and accessories for the event.

I still don't have a clue what I'm going to wear, but I'm grateful and privileged that Ive made it through this far. Even if I don't make the final 3 or 5 I think it is, then at least this is another personal accomplishment and another string I can add to my bow.


Chalice Carling said...

I've got a good feeling about this one Carnell. How wonderful that you have been so low key about it and next thing, top 10. I mean the calibre of model in this comp is vry high and there u r, up with the cream. This comp combines your three fav, modeling and photography. It was made for you. Love the story :-)))

Jula Carnell said...

Oh I know Carling and what makes it even more fun is we now have to take pictures in new arranged outfits and then submit. I will blog up about this stage but I am too tired. x x