Face of Photolife Top Ten Assignment Part One

Face of Photolife Video Launch

An extremely long notecard arrived in my inbox yesterday regarding the next phase of the Face of Photolife Assignment.
As mentioned previously in my The angels are on my side blog, we were given 2000L in order to help create a look that speaks clearly to those who will be judging us on our creativity and our confidence to present who we are. The look needed to be casual / pants. Photographs needed to be taken in this outfit and submitted ready for judging on Sunday. Based on these photographs, someone will be crowned 'Miss Creativity' and potentially move forward into the next round. I racked my brains today in the car how I was going to promote myself. The only condition was that this needed to be taken on the photolife studio. So my creative foot forward, this is my submission for Miss Creativity ..........
In addition the title of Miss Photogenic will to be given. We were asked to provide a new faceshot and will be judged also. Here is my submission ......... Just hoping its enough.


Vixie Rayna said...

i adore this photo of you, i love the angle and the theme is terrific! and in stitch by stitch clothing, how could you lose?

good luck hun!!


Chalice Carling said...

ooooo I missed commenting on this Carnell. You know I sat there willing you on barely able to breathe. You were every inch a winner to me because you are such a wonderful sport. You did so very well in this considering the number of entries and the calibre of contestants. I'm so proud :-)))

Hey...dat's my friend there :-)