Watch out there's a new kid on the block ....

I like it when I receive random emails from designers, especially ones I do not know or are relatively new to the SL grid. I was recently approached in world by Jura Shepherd who represents Shiki Designs on behalf of designer Shinichi Mathy.

Shinichi is a relatively new designer who, in real life, is Hawaiian born but now resides in Tokyo. His designs are created from multiple disciplines but his signature is hand painting textures on traditional Washi paper.

Now Im always a little weary from random people sending me clothes. Experience shows that most of these designers show little imagination of fashion or creativity, but I must say Shiki Designs has a slight edge. The two outfits that were sent to me ( Shiki Kuroneko Dress & Shiki Tokyo Night Dress) I absolutely loved:- casual boarding on ladies that lunch, but definitely high end fashion. Personally I am not a great fan of black. I wear it in RL, but in SL I can get away with wearing vivid , vibrant colours. Nevertheless, I was not disappointed with my two gifts. Attention to detail was evident. The Kuroneko Dress below has an attachment skirt piece, you know the ones that normally look odd which I despise and never purchase, but I have to give credit where credit is due, this prim fitted perfectly and didnt look odd when I walked, so thats one extra point in my book.

Model Jula Carnell , wearing:- Shiki Kuroneko Dress.

The Shiki Tokyo Night Dress below, Ooooo , was wonderful. The skirt has been designed with so much attention to detail. With 94 prims you can see why. No prim is out of place and it lays beautifully on the body with flex. Its like a party girls dream outfit. The upper part of the dress can best be described as a wool texture with beautiful fur trim. I am a girl who loves fur trim. It makes me feel glamorous. So when I put this on for the first time, I cooed like a kid in a candy store.

So what do I think of the store ? Overall I was very impressed. The store is pretty large and covers two floors. Casual / Formal on the ground and Beach on the first. One thing Im pleased about is they sell mens items too. There are certainly not enough mens apparel and I do feel sorry for the men of SL. No wonder they are all converting to female avatars, at least they get more choice. The mens casual's are very nice and lots of choice. There are lots of vibrant colours with an array of t-shirts and cardigan twin sets, a must have for mixing and matching. Shinichi's Hawaiieen roots are evident when you make your way upstairs. The mens section offers boardie shorts and fantastic hawaian shirts for as little as $60.

From a female perspective, this is certainly at the moment geared towards the gentlemen of SL. There are very few female pieces to choose from, excluding the beachwear upstairs. The few female items that Shinichi offers however are kind to the eye , well made and look slightly different from the norm. Attention to detail is his forte. I say branch out Shinichi, make some more female items, like the ones you have instore and preferably not all in black ;)

Watch out there is a new kid on the block and his designs can only get better !!

Model Jula Carnell , wearing:- Shiki Tokyo Night Dress

How much will it set you back in lindens ? Anything between $60 - $400, inexpensive quality :)

LE.LOOK! Stylist Search - February 2009

Oh yes the time has finally arrived for YOU to find your own style.

LE.LOOK! is excited to announce a competition where your style is appreciated! We are asking you to be creative, fun and enthusiastic, bringing new concepts of fashion into view! This is your time to be LE.LOOK!

This is NOT a voting competition , Yuck I hate those damn things. This is an opportunity for you to submit photographs of yourself, mixing and matching and showing your LE.LOOK! Style.

For more information , visit the WHAT'S HOT AT LE.LOOK! or feel free to I'M me inworld for a notecard.

So I thought Id try this at home. Trying to encapsulate uniqueness is so difficult to do. Sometimes, when Im styling I think of the occasion Im dressing for. I wanted Sex and The City, ladies that lunch. Nothing too formal but enough accessories to ascertain that look.

The LeeZu pants are a dream and a must have. Optional extra of high waisted , which I absolutely adore at the moment. Im a bit of a LeeZu pant fan. Too many people shop at LeeZu for her Noir or formal collection, but her casuals are so different and ultimately can be mixed and match with anything if your imagination allows.

Now my new found find is DP Serendipity. O M G , heaven calling! Shirts, Jumpers, Jackets. All the things you need to accessorise. Masuri Dryke. founder of DP sent me so many items in world to try, I couldnt decide what to wear, but I knew as soon as I visited her store at LE.LOOK!, I was mixing and matching DP with LeeZu.

Never forget a bag, especially if you are photographing for a competition. Bags are often forgotten items. They can absolutely make or maybe in some cases break an outfit. This tote camel with a hand held script is from TRUTH at LE.LOOK! And I thought only Truth sold hair, pffft, so much I know !


Shirt - DP Serendipity JK Midnight Blue at LE.LOOK!

Jacket - DP Serendipity Uniiq Marine : Blue 1 at LE.LOOK!

Pants - LeeZu Baxter* Lea Pants /ocker at LE.LOOK!


Shoes - AC Aphrodite Creations Vintish Shoes Red at LE.LOOK!

Mixing LE.LOOK! with Zullay Designs & Decoy

Styling oneself is never an easy task in SecondLife. People have their own idea of style and fashion. However, if I have a list of preferred designers, you can guarantee it will be on someone else's too. Having been to many a casting call, I have observed that many people tend to wear 'off the rack' items. Depending upon the look you are trying to create, whether its to impress or stand out from the hoard of models, giving yourself a little bit of individuality is always a good thing.

Mixing and matching is never an option for some. With a little bit of creative thinking, you can make that look your own.

  • Zullaby Leto Mini Dress Outfit_Blue/Gray ( Off the rack)
  • Boots and hair models own
  • Purchased at LE.LOOK!
Recently on a shopping expedition at LE.LOOK!, an outfit from Zullay Designs caught my eye.
The outfit 'off the rack' looked great, but I decided to put the challenge to the test, to see what fashion visions I could jumble together but still make it unique. Fortunately Zullay Designs and Decoy are right next to each other at LE.LOOK!, so putting pieces together was easy with subtle camera movements in between stores.

Inspiration and innovation doesnt have to be expensive. For $735, I have managed to discover atleast 3 ensembles, of which many of the items can be put together with other designers. From trendy to chic, anything is possible with a little bit of imagination.

  • Zullay Designs Leto_Leggings_Silver, taken from Leto Mini Dress Outfit_Blue/GrayZullaby LE.LOOK !
  • Leto_Leg Warmer_Silver, taken from Zullay Designs Leto Mini Dress Outfit_Blue/Gray LE.LOOK !
  • Courtisane*. Sacoche (Bag) LE.LOOK!
  • Zullay Designs Glamour: Coat_Mustard LE.LOOK!
  • Models own hair and shoes
  • Purchased at LE.LOOK!

  • Zullay Designs Leto_Leggings_Silver, taken from Zullay Designs Leto Mini Dress Outfit_Blue/Gray LE.LOOK!
  • [Decoy] Mraz Scarf - Red LE.LOOK!
  • [Decoy] Margeaux Jacket - Navy with navy belt and sleeves ( white also an option) LE.LOOK !
  • Models own hair and shoes
  • Purchased at LE.LOOK!

Purchase of the day [Decoy] Mraz Scarf - Red for $85 . An absolute must have accessory. A choice of colours to suit any fashionista's wardrobe

Zullay Designs and Decoy can be found on the upper level of LE.LOOK! Fashion District

Jula Carnell LELOOK! Team

Creating LE.LOOK with Jula Carnell

2008 has been an interesting an exciting year for me, but for 2009 I wanted a change of direction. Of course modelling and photography are still an SL passion, so you'll still see this familiar face on the block. However, I have been trying to find new challenges as of late. Blogging is something I have enjoyed for a good few months now. Its a chance for me to express myself, look at things differently and write as creatively as I can.

To my utter surprise I was contacted inworld by Moonaco Porta, Co owner of LE.LOOK. We had a great conversation and she has asked me to be a member of the LE.LOOK team:- blogging about the various designers that can be found within their fashion district. Absolutely perfect and its come so early in the new year too. Maybe 2009 will be a good year after all.

So for now I will say no more until details are confirmed, but I would like to ask you, Do you have LE.LOOK? If you dont, then maybe Jula Carnell can help you find it !

Closet picture taken from

OFA presents .... The Subway

An experiment in the making ........ be there or miss out

Do have the body for Ms SL Supermodel 2009 ?

Ms SL Supermodel 2009 at Alady Bodies, Skins and Shapes Store has finally arrived.

You must join, Alady Bodies Fans Group for updates and information.
Skins can be purchased from any store including your shape.

All applications should arrive by January 7th. All applications are to be sent to Tracey Sassoon.

* One HeadShot
* Two Swimwear
* One creative shot, clothes of your choice.
Please make sure to PhotoShop your avatar name on your photos. Photos to be full perm.

Once submitted, there is an open interview process on Sunday Jan 11th 2 -3 SLT. Stop by anytime.

Interview Process
The interview will take place outside the front entrance of Pulse Store on Nip Tuck Island Mall . An LM will be sent to the group the day before.

Dress to Impress. Bring your four photos with you and the following questions answered.

1. How Long have you Been in SL

2. What is your best accomplishments in SL

3. Favorite activities in SL

4. What things are you currently involved with in SL i.e. newbie helper etc...

5. What creations have you made in SL i.e. clothing ... hair.....

(you can bring a couple of your best creations to show judges as well)

6. What is your thoughts and advice about SL you would tell a newbie

Good Luck.

Any questions, please feel free to IM Jula Carnell

Di Carnelli's Photography Studio. It's a family affair !

So it's official, Mr and Mrs Kazan aka Jula Carnell and Kasen Kazan have joined forces and are now working together in another business partnership. The Di Carnelli Brand, named after yours truly has been an institution in SL for the past year, with our ventures in Di Carnelli's Landscaping and Wedding Centre, including The Little Florist and Truly Scrumptious wedding cakes.

Over the past 20 months Kasen and I have had a budding partnership in pleasure and in business. Both avid photographers in secondlife, with 3 years combined SL photographic experience between us , we have opened the New Di Carnelli's Studio at Escanes.

With the sleek spacious offices, we hope to offer you a truly unique experience. We aim to exceed all of your expectations & look forward to welcoming you soon to our studio. With extremely competitive prices, we specialise in modelling portfolios, couple shots and profile pictures. Using the revoluntary PhotoLIFE 2.0, all photos are taken to the highest quality.

Using Paintshop and Photoshop to enhance your photographs, our goal is to ensure your needs are met.

Feel free to stop by or IM Jula Carnell or Kasen Kazen for more information.