Creating LE.LOOK with Jula Carnell

2008 has been an interesting an exciting year for me, but for 2009 I wanted a change of direction. Of course modelling and photography are still an SL passion, so you'll still see this familiar face on the block. However, I have been trying to find new challenges as of late. Blogging is something I have enjoyed for a good few months now. Its a chance for me to express myself, look at things differently and write as creatively as I can.

To my utter surprise I was contacted inworld by Moonaco Porta, Co owner of LE.LOOK. We had a great conversation and she has asked me to be a member of the LE.LOOK team:- blogging about the various designers that can be found within their fashion district. Absolutely perfect and its come so early in the new year too. Maybe 2009 will be a good year after all.

So for now I will say no more until details are confirmed, but I would like to ask you, Do you have LE.LOOK? If you dont, then maybe Jula Carnell can help you find it !

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Chalice Carling said...

Well I'm totally thrilled for you. You know I love your style so can't wait to read more.

2009 is the Year of the Jula didn't you know? :-)