Mixing LE.LOOK! with Zullay Designs & Decoy

Styling oneself is never an easy task in SecondLife. People have their own idea of style and fashion. However, if I have a list of preferred designers, you can guarantee it will be on someone else's too. Having been to many a casting call, I have observed that many people tend to wear 'off the rack' items. Depending upon the look you are trying to create, whether its to impress or stand out from the hoard of models, giving yourself a little bit of individuality is always a good thing.

Mixing and matching is never an option for some. With a little bit of creative thinking, you can make that look your own.

  • Zullaby Leto Mini Dress Outfit_Blue/Gray ( Off the rack)
  • Boots and hair models own
  • Purchased at LE.LOOK!
Recently on a shopping expedition at LE.LOOK!, an outfit from Zullay Designs caught my eye.
The outfit 'off the rack' looked great, but I decided to put the challenge to the test, to see what fashion visions I could jumble together but still make it unique. Fortunately Zullay Designs and Decoy are right next to each other at LE.LOOK!, so putting pieces together was easy with subtle camera movements in between stores.

Inspiration and innovation doesnt have to be expensive. For $735, I have managed to discover atleast 3 ensembles, of which many of the items can be put together with other designers. From trendy to chic, anything is possible with a little bit of imagination.

  • Zullay Designs Leto_Leggings_Silver, taken from Leto Mini Dress Outfit_Blue/GrayZullaby LE.LOOK !
  • Leto_Leg Warmer_Silver, taken from Zullay Designs Leto Mini Dress Outfit_Blue/Gray LE.LOOK !
  • Courtisane*. Sacoche (Bag) LE.LOOK!
  • Zullay Designs Glamour: Coat_Mustard LE.LOOK!
  • Models own hair and shoes
  • Purchased at LE.LOOK!

  • Zullay Designs Leto_Leggings_Silver, taken from Zullay Designs Leto Mini Dress Outfit_Blue/Gray LE.LOOK!
  • [Decoy] Mraz Scarf - Red LE.LOOK!
  • [Decoy] Margeaux Jacket - Navy with navy belt and sleeves ( white also an option) LE.LOOK !
  • Models own hair and shoes
  • Purchased at LE.LOOK!

Purchase of the day [Decoy] Mraz Scarf - Red for $85 . An absolute must have accessory. A choice of colours to suit any fashionista's wardrobe

Zullay Designs and Decoy can be found on the upper level of LE.LOOK! Fashion District

Jula Carnell LELOOK! Team

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