LE.LOOK! Stylist Search - February 2009

Oh yes the time has finally arrived for YOU to find your own style.

LE.LOOK! is excited to announce a competition where your style is appreciated! We are asking you to be creative, fun and enthusiastic, bringing new concepts of fashion into view! This is your time to be LE.LOOK!

This is NOT a voting competition , Yuck I hate those damn things. This is an opportunity for you to submit photographs of yourself, mixing and matching and showing your LE.LOOK! Style.

For more information , visit the WHAT'S HOT AT LE.LOOK! or feel free to I'M me inworld for a notecard.

So I thought Id try this at home. Trying to encapsulate uniqueness is so difficult to do. Sometimes, when Im styling I think of the occasion Im dressing for. I wanted Sex and The City, ladies that lunch. Nothing too formal but enough accessories to ascertain that look.

The LeeZu pants are a dream and a must have. Optional extra of high waisted , which I absolutely adore at the moment. Im a bit of a LeeZu pant fan. Too many people shop at LeeZu for her Noir or formal collection, but her casuals are so different and ultimately can be mixed and match with anything if your imagination allows.

Now my new found find is DP Serendipity. O M G , heaven calling! Shirts, Jumpers, Jackets. All the things you need to accessorise. Masuri Dryke. founder of DP sent me so many items in world to try, I couldnt decide what to wear, but I knew as soon as I visited her store at LE.LOOK!, I was mixing and matching DP with LeeZu.

Never forget a bag, especially if you are photographing for a competition. Bags are often forgotten items. They can absolutely make or maybe in some cases break an outfit. This tote camel with a hand held script is from TRUTH at LE.LOOK! And I thought only Truth sold hair, pffft, so much I know !


Shirt - DP Serendipity JK Midnight Blue at LE.LOOK!

Jacket - DP Serendipity Uniiq Marine : Blue 1 at LE.LOOK!

Pants - LeeZu Baxter* Lea Pants /ocker at LE.LOOK!


Shoes - AC Aphrodite Creations Vintish Shoes Red at LE.LOOK!

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