Do have the body for Ms SL Supermodel 2009 ?

Ms SL Supermodel 2009 at Alady Bodies, Skins and Shapes Store has finally arrived.

You must join, Alady Bodies Fans Group for updates and information.
Skins can be purchased from any store including your shape.

All applications should arrive by January 7th. All applications are to be sent to Tracey Sassoon.

* One HeadShot
* Two Swimwear
* One creative shot, clothes of your choice.
Please make sure to PhotoShop your avatar name on your photos. Photos to be full perm.

Once submitted, there is an open interview process on Sunday Jan 11th 2 -3 SLT. Stop by anytime.

Interview Process
The interview will take place outside the front entrance of Pulse Store on Nip Tuck Island Mall . An LM will be sent to the group the day before.

Dress to Impress. Bring your four photos with you and the following questions answered.

1. How Long have you Been in SL

2. What is your best accomplishments in SL

3. Favorite activities in SL

4. What things are you currently involved with in SL i.e. newbie helper etc...

5. What creations have you made in SL i.e. clothing ... hair.....

(you can bring a couple of your best creations to show judges as well)

6. What is your thoughts and advice about SL you would tell a newbie

Good Luck.

Any questions, please feel free to IM Jula Carnell

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