Di Carnelli's Photography Studio. It's a family affair !

So it's official, Mr and Mrs Kazan aka Jula Carnell and Kasen Kazan have joined forces and are now working together in another business partnership. The Di Carnelli Brand, named after yours truly has been an institution in SL for the past year, with our ventures in Di Carnelli's Landscaping and Wedding Centre, including The Little Florist and Truly Scrumptious wedding cakes.

Over the past 20 months Kasen and I have had a budding partnership in pleasure and in business. Both avid photographers in secondlife, with 3 years combined SL photographic experience between us , we have opened the New Di Carnelli's Studio at Escanes.

With the sleek spacious offices, we hope to offer you a truly unique experience. We aim to exceed all of your expectations & look forward to welcoming you soon to our studio. With extremely competitive prices, we specialise in modelling portfolios, couple shots and profile pictures. Using the revoluntary PhotoLIFE 2.0, all photos are taken to the highest quality.

Using Paintshop and Photoshop to enhance your photographs, our goal is to ensure your needs are met.

Feel free to stop by or IM Jula Carnell or Kasen Kazen for more information.


Chalice Carling said...

Wow...this is my dream come true. Mr and Mrs K combining their respective photography talents under one roof. I visited the studio and it's warm, relaxing and professional all the way.

Best of luck with your new venture guys, not that you'll need it :-)

Kasen Kazan said...

"Best of luck with your new venture guys, not that you'll need it :-)"

You are very right, we do not need luck, we have each other, and that is all I need!

Vixie Rayna said...

Congratulations!! This is going to be a wonderful new venture for you both! Where can I sign up?

Chalice Carling said...

Can I sweep the floors and make the coffee's on Saturday mornings. Remember I'm a distant relative :-)))

Jennaa Loire said...

Oooo awesome! Can not wait to stop by and have a look :)
Best of luck to the both of you! xoxoxo