My Bag Rock and Rolls especially the Brassiere

SCD came up with the ultimate .... Whats in your bag ?. Its obviously been a while since I had a clear out of the rather large bag I carry around with me on a daily basis. One article in particular Im not sure how it arrived in my bag but I was obviously wondering around bra-less on one particular day.

So tell me whats in your bag ? It was fun to do and some of the things people have are hilarious. Tenshi's purse for example

1) Coach Bag
2) Black Bra
3) Umbrella
4) Packet of Tissue
5) Empty packet of Cigs
6) Used Tissue
7) Baby Lotion
8) Vodaphone Blackberry User Guide ( unread )
9) M&S glove
11)Coach Purse
13)Other M&S Glove
14)Mac lipgloss
16)Tony's business card
17)Mamma Mia DVD
18)Christmas Card from Best Friend
19)Chance by Chanel
20)Empty Packets of Chewing Gum
22)UK Sterling


Iris Seale said...

You know, carrying around an extra bra is actually a pretty good idea. What if you have some horrible strap emergency halfway through the day?

Jula Carnell said...

Well I never thought of that, how very ingenious. Every woman should have a spare bra in their bag , right ?

Chalice Carling said...

Shoulder boulder holders in your shoulder bag - who would have thought :-)

Wish I could find the camera at's been missing ages and hasn't turned up yet.

Jula Carnell said...

Probably in your handbag chalice, you need to dig about inside that and it will miraculously appear :D