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Welcome to a new edition of my blogspot called Meet The Designer. A weekly spotlight with some of SL's innovative and creative designers. I have had the pleasure this week of interviewing Alba2 Rossini, the CEO and brains behind Alba Fashions.

Alba has a strong creative flair for any fashion lover in SL. She has 3 stores, located at Watersedge Los Vegas, Italia Vera and Sallow.

Alba is not new to the fashion scene in SL and models are often seen strutting their stuff on the catwalk in her designs. Diversity Model Management are proud to be showcasing her designs on Saturday 20th December 1pm SLT. It was through Diversity that I had the opportunity to interview this talented designer. Her creations have flair, versatility and and wont cost you the earth. The collection is diverse from stunningly beautiful wedding gowns, chic casual daywear to elaborate sparkling evening wear.

Considering english is not Alba's first language, she was a pleasure to interview. Meet the designer presents Alba2Rossini .....

How and when did you start making clothes?
It's been more than one year since I started to create clothes for women, that's happened in october 2007 when I created my first model "black fairy".

What is your design philosophy ?

As a real life artist, a painter, I love to create clothes as if they were pieces of ART, painting and sewing all over the body. That is a start, but I follow real life fashion events because the big stylists give me so many ideas that I combine with my fantasy. Moreover considering that we are in second life, the world where the imagination comes true, everything it's possible to create, and I enjoy doing it.

What kind of person do you invisage wearing your designs?
A woman who is sensitive,intriguing, charming and feminine. This is the girl who loves my creations, she is the one that is sure of herself and that catches the eye of everybody.

How would you describe your collection ?

Just as I feel myself, my collection is a reflection of my way of being, always different from yesterday, I always feel new and with the desire to make things very different among themselves.

There are hundreds of clothes designers in SL, what do you think it takes to become an established well known designer?
Passion is very important, then precision, attention to detail, understanding your market, information and promotion.

When do you think Alba Fashion became a key player in the fashion world of SL and why ?

The people who discovered me, loved my designs and prices were reasonable. It was purely through word of mouth .... and here I am now one year on.
Participating in fashion shows is another good thing. People want to be informed and these events are a good way to showcase your designs.

What would be your advice for anyone trying to design clothes in SL ?
Use your imagination, be creative, be yourself. Second life brings a lot of opportunity to be someone, the most important thing is to find a place where you can create .

What has been your greatest challenge so far ?

Creating 'DIANA', one of my wedding gowns. A friend of mine was getting married and she wanted a dress similar to the one Lady Diana was wearing when she married Prince Charles. Copying the 'DIANA' look was a big challenge.

Style Card

Photograph 1)Black with abstract rose silk belt
Photograph 2)Angel
Photograph 3)Aglaia
Photograph 4)Diana Wedding Gown

Look out for my next installment of 'Meet The Designer' with interviews from Indrya Seigo, from Indyra Originals and Scarlett Niven from The Niven Collection.

My special thanks to Alba for taking time out to speak to me. Hugs and have a fantastic show x x x

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Absolutely awesome interview Jula. You really, really must get this blog on the Fashion Planet feed. Don't keep it to yourself...share your special gifts with others :-)))