Swimming in Style

(Baiastice) Tiger

Beachwear !! One of my major quandary's when shopping in SL. Now you would have thought trying to find a nice bikini or swimming costume wouldn't be a problem, but think again. I have searched high and low for beachwear, places even the most cunning detectives have been, but I always leave a new store majorly disappointed.
However there is only ONE store to my knowledge in SL that never disappoints when it comes to beachwear and that has to be good old Baiastice ( Baia ) . Sissy Pessoa, the italian style guru extraordaire always gives you that bit extra value for your lindens.

(Baiastice) Miami

One thing I absolutely adore about Sissy's creations, especially her swimwear are the accessories that are included as part of your purchase. You will always hear me shout accessorise, accessorise. With any purchase, you will be guaranteed a oversized hat , bag and necklace as well as your swimsuit.

(Baiastice)anelli black/white

So for me , the only choice for beachware is Baiastice. Most of the designs are one piece, but Ive noticed recently Sissy branching out creating more two piece items. So next time you're asked to create a beach look for a casting call or competition, I would suggest heading to Baia to give you a complete look without having to think about piecing any inventory items together. Its quick, simple and straight out of a beautiful gift box.
How much will it set you back ? Between 300 - 400 Lindens , VALUE

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