It is a fairly common occurrence when filling in application forms for modelling agencies, casting calls or competitions to be asked, "Who is your favourite designer in SL ?" :- As with anything over time, things change, new designers appear and some of the older more established designers move onto do other things. My top 10 has remained pretty constant over the last 2 years with the odd few joining the top spot! Back in July 2008, I referred to Indrya Originals , a store I loved to visit when I first joined the grid and one, I hoped one day I would work for. Well as many of you know, I am now part of the Indy Model Troupe and have been for nearly a year now.

When I first visited Namaste Isle home of Indys ( Indyra Originals ) in 2007, I remember feeling estastic at my new found finds of fashion. Many secondlifers who has been on the grid for some months had never heard of the store, so I thought at the time I was onto a winner. Now Indyra is a house hold name, a brand in itself and only the hard work and determination of Indyra herself has made this happen. How does a designer manage this ? By never remaining stagnant that's how! Indy has continued to design, create and develop new styles within the fashion metaverse from shoes, formal, casual and now jewellery. She has a skill of providing attire that everyone wants to wear, to be seen in and more importantly that's different. Her attention to detail is second to none creating wonderful prim attachments that adds to the enhancement of the garment.

Even to this day as I arrive at Indy and Im swirling around on the pose stand, I see people arrive, hear them on voice and hear them Ooo and Arrrr at the creations, that is Indyra Seigo. When they start to TP friends in and then they swoon over the garments, I feel proud and privileged that I am one of the chosen few to represent this lady. Indy still remains in my top 10:- 1) She continues to deliver 2) She has an edge 3 ) She is an creative genius. 4) Garments are made to precision and detail.
From casual pant suits, casual dresses, jeans, jackets, shoes, accessories to beautiful formal wear, Indyra has everything to suit everyones style , creativity and pocket.
Visit Indyra at Namaste Isle


Chalice Carling said...

I can vouch that Jula is a Indyra groupie and nearly wet her pants when she won the job at Indyra Originals. OMG...I thought she'd sat on a spider or Mr K had told her he was gay. The screams could be heard echoing around the metaverse.

If Indyra's the Queen, Jula is definitely the Lady in Waiting.

Jula Carnell said...

Wooot :) You know it Chal, how long did we spend on my outfit for the model search ? x