Agata Poses

My new found friend Sora Tatham, one of the LE.LOOK! March Stylist winners has been furiously working in her spare time on poses for models. Yesterday, she kindly sent me 12 model poses which I must say for her first attempt are really amazing and couldnt wait to put them to the test.

I headed over to REZ, a spectacular sim with so much ambience to try the Agata Runway Poses out. I would say at first glance at the poses, I wouldnt necessary use them for runway, but for photographs, they are wonderful. A big thank you for Sora for sending me these, I loved them.

Agata Runway 10

Agata Runway 06

Agata Runway 01
To purchase these poses TP to Agata Model Agency at MK Tokyo. Single poses are 50L each. Box set of 12 is 500L.


Sora said...

Thank You Jula.
I'm Happy :))

Chalice Carling said...

Wooo poses. My fav thing. We can never get enough.