Get the maximum style

OK, so Ive not blogged up for a while and not really been in world for a good couple of months. However I was searching through flickr the other day and admired all the new fashion samples hitting SL for summer. My friend Laya Fallatio blogged up recently regarding some cool summer dresses from Reale, so I thought I would follow in her foot steps and see what SL had to offer within the 2009 trend of maxi dresses.

Digits have a good selection of maxi dresses in an array of bright summer colours. The flex on them is amazing and great for photography. They arent necessarily cheap but the quality is amazing and all prims fit perfectly.

So based on Laya's recommendation, I popped onto Xstreet and searched for Reale. They have some wonderful maxi dresses. Stunning designs, incredible colours and absolutely perfect for all occasion. Prices start from 200L for maximum style this summer.

Style Guide Photograph One - Floratta Dress Tulip Print

Style Guide Photograph Two - Floratta Dress Pansies Print

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