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NOYA Celine Skin and Shape ( Celine Makeup )
Skins Skins Skins ... probably apart from diamonds, every girls best friend. With the abundance of skin designers in SL, some with years of experience, competition is rife.  Many of the well known established creators rely upon the strength of their brand, but are usually costly. 

So whats a girl to do if lindens are a little low on the ground? Everyone wants to be unique and most of us try   to be to aspire to be different.  Kasen Kazen recently pointed me in the direction of a skin designer on SL market place called Noya Designs.  I was of course sceptical based on the cost of these little gems, but she has a huge selection of skins for less than 300L.

NOYA Miriam Skin and Shape ( Celine Makeup )

No demo's were available, but for the money I was happy to take that gamble.
So how good are they ? The proof is always in the pudding , so I decided to buy a couple, to see if the quality, textures and makeup lived up to this talked about hype !!! Two parcels arrived in world, Celine with 4 shapes, 15 bumper makeup choices, 3 skins, lashes, eyes and 3 types of boob bouncers. The lashes alone were worth the lindens so I was already happy and Miriam a lighter skin with 1 shape, 2 skins, lashes and eyes. Both come with a selection of defined brows.

NOYA Celine Skin Oiled, Own Shape

The biggest advantage to these skins is the abundance of choice with makeup styles. Celine also comes with an oiled skin, which I generally dont approve of, but this was pretty cute. Overall, I was pretty happy with my purchase and for the money I was really impressed.
So my advice girls if you want something a little bit different that wont cost you the earth head over to NOYA Designs and try them out for yourselves .  Happy Shopping! 

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